• Gourment Americana

    Gourment Americana
    Grilled Chicken fillet with lettuce and mayonnaise served in soft brioche bun
  • Philly Chicken Steak

    Philly Chicken Steak
    Fresh cuts of grilled chicken topped with mixed peppers served in handmade roll and topped with melted cheese
  • Classic Beef Burger

    Classic Beef Burger
    Handmade beef patty with lettuce and mayonnaise served in soft brioche bun
  • Double Double

    Double Double
    Two layers of grilled chicken with lettuce, mayo and cheese, served in handmade brioche bun
  • The Carnivore

    The Carnivore
    Two patties of beef served with lettuce,sliced tomato,mayonnaise and cheese in soft handmade brionche bun
  • Philly Beef Steak

    Philly Beef Steak
    Freshly Cut beef Steak grilled with mix peppers and served in handmade roll topped with melted cheese
  • Texan Dirty Burger

    Texan Dirty Burger
    Beef patty,lettuce and sliced tomato,topped with chilli corn carne,guacamole,nacho cheese sauce and fiery Jalapenos
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