Perios Dublin address is: Unit 12, Belgard Square West Tallaght Dublin 24. 
Phone us on: 0818 742 742

AM Burgers

Welcome to Perios Grill

AM Burgers

  1. Gourmet Americana Burger

    Fillet of chicken or beef patty with lettuce & mayo, served in soft bun
  2. El Rancho Burger

    Grilled chicken or beef topped with melted cheese & served in a flavour of your choice in nigella seeded bread
  3. Double Double

    Two Layers of Grilled Chicken, Beef, or falafel with lettuce, mayo and Cheese, served in soft berioche bun.
  4. Philly Steak Burger

    Cuts of grilled chicken or beef topped with green/red pepper in melted cheese